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HTTP File Server

Privacy policy

Last updated on 25 July 2022

HTTP File Server (the app, server) by itself does not collect any personal information. The purpose of the app is to make selected files available to devices that can make connection with the device the server is running on. Which devices those are is dependent on the configuration and security of your network. You (the user) are responsible for making sure the network you use the server on is safe from bad actors, for selecting which files are made available through the app and for using the app’s options to restrict access that are appropriate for your use case.

We offer a paid feature set called “Pro” which is available as an in-app purchase. The payment is processed by Google who may collect your payment-related personal information according to their own privacy policy [1], [2]. The app then simply checks with Google’s services to see whether a user logged in on the device has purchased “Pro”. Google may make some of your payment-related information available to us [1]. We only use this information when you contact us and we need to verify your purchase or process a refund. We keep this information only for the time needed to fulfill these purposes.

We will update this document whenever we find it needs corrections or improvements.

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